PartnerHacker Daily #126: Don't Say You Care. Prove It.

Roles of the partner future

A recent re-read of Brent Adamson's article "Traditional B2B Sales and Marketing Are Becoming Obsolete" got me thinking about how GTM leaders are starting to think more like Ecosystem leaders and the roles this shift is building.

The mindset of a GTM Leader is focused on how to build from their company to the market.

The Ecosystem Leader’s mindset thinks about it the other way around. They think about how they need to build in market and work backwards to their company.

What kind of roles will need to surface in order to make working backwards the new normal?

Roles may not change overnight, but the competencies for every role in a successful company are shifting today. Co-selling is now being seen as required experience for Account Executives. Just as Partner marketing or co-marketing are required for marketers. And so on.

The tried and true roles and responsibilities for GTM will be upended.

Good things don't happen on accident

If partnerships are relationships, what are you doing to build them?

Nikos Ntirlis uses what he calls "social listening" to diligently build relationships with his community.

Check out his full post here. Very cool. And amazing results.

The small team of 4 people that I manage at Databox, now reaches more - Nikos Ntirlis on LinkedIn
The small team of 4 people that I manage at Databox, now reaches more than 1 million people on LinkedIn! How did we do that? Probably the same way you...

Meme of the Day

Shared by reader Ian Cugniere

Thinking of your partners?

Pass along this PhD!

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