PartnerHacker Daily #127: They Really Get Me Now

Easy does it

The principles that great customer success teams use can help as you're building your partner program.

This article by Ramli John says one of the things CS teams do well is make learning easy for customers. An overwhelmed customer does not stay a customer.

But what about an overwhelmed partner?

Your partnership should be an easy decision that doesn't require lots of cognitive overhead.

Show me you know me

It feels good to be known.

When bombarded by those who don't care and haven't done their homework, someone who truly gets you is a breath of fresh air.

When you feel like you're known, trust is an easy next step.

Jacob Narson's recent post proves this point.

A good way to understand your customer is to first understand the ecosystem they're a part of. If your software doesn't integrate with the tools your prospect is already using, why waste their time with a pitch?

Put another way by our own Will Taylor in the comments.

What I read: "If it's not in my #ecosystem or you don't have a #partnership with my technology, I'm less inclined to buy (or even to consider your solution)."
As someone with Hubspot literally in my about section, it baffles - Jacob S. Narson on LinkedIn | 30 comments
As someone with Hubspot literally in my about section, it baffles me that people constantly pitch me products and software solutions that are incompatible... 30 comments on LinkedIn
This guy gets it...

Image of the Day

14 billion years of ecosystem efficiency.

Help us become more interconnected

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