PartnerHacker Daily #128: More Power to the People

B2B has a lot to learn from B2C

Why is B2C so much better at thinking customer-first?

B2C makes partnering look natural by showing up to the conversation with the partners their customers are already talking about.

Building behind your gates then inviting the customer over is less effective than figuring out where your customers live and showing up with extra value.

VC's new favorite bet

As CAC hits all time highs, the companies that win are those that don't do it alone.

Marketplaces are one answer to the customer acquisition challenge.

That's because marketplaces don't rely on one company's efforts. They utilize a network of stakeholders pushing traffic to the marketplace as a whole.

The review and rating systems give more power to the buyer and supplies innovative new and smaller companies a wedge in to the market.

Why spend a ton on ads and outreach when you can target highly specific marketplaces where your ideal customer already hangs out?

Check out Jay's post and article here.

Meme of the Day

"Mine" doesn't work anymore!

Know some new partner hires?

Get 'em on the wagon! We accept all comers.

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