PartnerHacker Daily #129: How to Scale Your Sharing

Growing pains

According to Justin Zimmerman in his recent article, the Era of Ecosystem is starting to create some major FOMO among business leaders.

The natural response is to hire a motivated partner pro to come in and build a world class partner program to save the day.

The problem is a partner program that works needs proper commitment, planning, implementation, and understanding of the time it takes for success.

Partnerships aren't a get-leads-quick scheme and hiring one person to come and "do partnerships" is unlikely to pan out long term.

It takes the tribe. The whole company needs to be aligned on time investment and their part in the partner strategy not just one lonely partner manager.

Sharing is winning

Will Taylor dropped some thoughts on LinkedIn that spurred a great convo.

Platitudes with no action, no weight behind them, and no next steps do nothing to advance you or your partners goals.

Without action, "sharing and caring" can feel like pandering to get what you want.

You need to answer what your sharing will do for your partners and pass along your plan for implementation. The extra work matters.

Check out Adam's subtle disagreement:

Check out the full post here.

Image of the Day

Check out Allan's full article. 

Share to win

Don't just fwd. Add a personalized note!

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