PartnerHacker Daily #131: The New Normal

Think holistically

True ecosystem thinking requires you to dig deeper. The winners in this new era are taking a holistic, multi-angle view of the market, their partners, and their company.

Embrace the complexity.

Ask the important questions.

  • What departments from both our teams need to be involved to make this successful?
  • How does this partnership fit into both of our business models?
  • How will it impact the status quo?
  • Are there any unintended consequences to partnering?
  • What value can I bring to their business?

Inspiration for this section comes from Mitchell Clements post a few weeks back proving that it isn't just partner people thinking about ecosystems. We can and should be learning from every role and department that's thinking ecosystem first.

Stop and smell the roses

The partner manager role is not for everyone. It can be pretty complex. It can be pretty demanding. It may be the most demanding client-facing role there is.

All the PMs reading this PhD, take a second. Check out the title of this section. Embrace and enjoy the challenge!

Check out his post here.

Image of the Day

IDC forecasts the HubSpot partner ecosystem will be 6.5x bigger than HubSpot in the next three years. Source.

Do you know a talented PM?

Send them this PhD to let them know they're appreciated!

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