PartnerHacker Daily #132: Nature or Nurture?

Zero to one

The buzz on partnering first is getting louder. There is and will continue to be a need for new partner leaders to build programs from the ground up.

How to do it?

During First Friday, Adam Pasch made it clear how important having a real company-wide strategy really is.

There's a partner play in every single department. Maybe not finance... well, probably even finance!

Start inside the walls of your company. Learn what each individual and department needs and values, and how partners might help.

Don't build your house without the proper foundation.

Hunter, farmer, or scientist?

One of the most important skills a partnership leader can have is adaptability.

Sometimes you need to be in AE mode selling. Whether that's co-selling with partners or finding new partners.

Other times you need to be in CSM mode nurturing current partner success or onboarding new partners.

Shawn Li called it wearing different hats in a recent Partnership Leaders panel. Here's Eric Sangerma's breakdown.

Check out the full post here

Quote of the Day

An organism can only thrive if it's part of an ecosystem. Same thing in tech...We need a whole integrated environment or ecosystem to really thrive and bring out the best in your partnerships.

-- Philippe Swamy, Head of Partnerships, Kiflo

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