PartnerHacker Daily #133: The Economics of Partnerships

Food for thought

I was thinking about this F.A Hayek quote today.

The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.

Isn't GTM just a framework where you rely on what you can design? If you can just design the perfect funnel then the customers will come.


That's not what the rising CAC suggests.

So what's different about partnering up?

Partnering is like a fulcrum. It leverages a complex community. You can understand the basic causal relationships involved, but may not know exactly how it plays out in detailed, easily quantifiable ways. Ecosystems, like economies, are stable because of their complexity.

Focus on what you know and lean on partners for what you don't. Enjoy the curious task!

Got scale?

Our friends at Alloy have a new guide to scaling tech partner programs.

One of my favorite quotes from the piece tackles the age old question of when does a partner program become an ecosystem?

In my mind, the defining characteristic of an ecosystem is connections between nodes and not just connections. If we use the Shopify example, the day Shopify had a real ecosystem was when apps started integrating with each other beyond just integrating with Shopify themselves.

--Blair Beckwith, Head of Partnerships at Tydo

Check out the full e-book below.

Worth the read!

Image of the Day

Now imagine this in 2030....Check out the article here.

We appreciate you!

Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting, and being a part of this vibrant, growing community.

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