PartnerHacker Daily #134: What if B2B was Real Life?

Quantifiable proof of value

Earlier this month, the First Friday convo on 'How to Land the 'White Whale' with Jared and Kevin proved that genuinely caring about your partners is a great way to land an alliance.

The best way to sell your partners on going all in for a strategic alliance is to prove (with data to back) that their prospects and users are more likely to buy and stay if your product is offered with theirs.

They may be brilliant, but partnering shouldn't require brilliance. Prove your value well enough to make it a no-brainer.

Now some social coverage

Hey check it out. Justin Zimmerman is doing some social coverage for PartnerHacker on everything going on in partnership-land.

Shout out to Justin for being the guy on the ground. Hit him up if you've got stuff to include.

Check out Justin's full post here!

Video of the Day

Watch this amazing video from Walnut here.

Hit us up

We love memes, articles, news bits, stats, facts, quotes, jokes, books, pods, events, videos, and just about anything else interesting in the partner world. Pass it along.

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