PartnerHacker Daily #137: The Mythical Cloud Centaur

Just try it

I was reading the Ghost newsletter and came across this quote:

Great partners don't need to be in the exact niche. Inhabiting the same industry, or an adjacent one, is usually enough to generate a creative project.

Unlikely partners may be lurking on the periphery of your ecosystem.

You never know how you can create mutual value with partners until you start experimenting.

Centaurs and their tool kits

Bessemer Venture Partners recently released a report about the newest centaurs in the cloud software market. Centaurs are companies that have reached the coveted $100m in ARR.

There's tons of great info on strategies that made these companies successful.

Calendly is no stranger to the partner play:  

In building an ecosystem, Calendly also made sure to work nicely with the biggest players around, ensuring interoperability with Google Calendar, Apple iCloud, and the Microsoft Office Suite.

In order to win big you have to make it easy for your customers to use your product in the ecosystems they already live in.

Partnerships are one of four key growth metrics. Thanks for sharing Jill!

Quote of the Day

One of the things I love about my role is getting to build a solution or offering with a partner that will help 10 salespeople land a deal. I'm really connected and I get to hear customer needs and concerns every single day, and then putting together bigger solutions in place that will address those. And that's, that's really exciting and really fun.

Chelsea Graham, Partnerships Manager, Highspot

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