PartnerHacker Daily #138: Useful Waste

Don't forget to waste some resources

Useful waste is common in nature.

The peacock’s tail, or the giant antlers on a bull moose. These make survival harder, but they signal fitness to potential mates.

"Waste" can sometimes make sense. It’s a signal that shows you have plenty of resources. Animals use these signals when deciding who to partner with.

Simple things like handwritten notes, a personal email, or shout-outs on social media may seem tedious, but they are ways of signaling value. It is an advertisement that you're willing to invest time and effort into someone else.

Take some time to signal real value, it’s not a waste!

Touch base with your partners

Aleksi Mattlar gives some excellent tips to provide value and make your partnership meetings more productive.

Check it out:

Image of Aleksi Mattlar's post on LinkedIn
Aleksi Mattlar shares some ways to signal value to your partners.

Tech Partner News

Check out the post here.

Share the PhD

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