PartnerHacker Daily #139: Take Another Look

Try on a new set of glasses 👓

Partnerships, ecosystems, collaborative growth, second-party data, EcoOps, go-to-ecosystem, co-innovation, co-selling, co-marketing – are these just buzzwords or a true paradigm shift?

It can be hard to tell the difference between hype and reality when we're at a tipping point.

Try this instead: Think of the above concepts as a pair of glasses.

Put them on when you need a fresh perspective. See if the world makes more sense and you can better navigate it through that lens. If so, keep doing it. If not, try a different one.

You don't have to swallow the partner pill just yet. Try on a new set of lenses and see how it looks.

Flatlines turn into hockey sticks 🏒

Matthew Ström, head designer at Stripe, recently wrote an article about how continual diligent work eventually turns into hockey sticks on a graph.

Like compound interest in a bank account, slow, meaningful work compounds over time until it eventually takes off.

True, sustainable, explosive growth requires patience. It won’t be obvious on charts or graphs, and working with it can be unwieldy and unintuitive. Most times, it will appear only in retrospect. - Matthew Ström
Hockey sticks don’t look like hockey sticks
How exponential growht hides in plain sight

A partner-centric growth strategy works just like this.

It requires a lot of small steps and long-term investments in your ecosystem that can seem to only produce small results. Until it suddenly blows up.

Little by little, then all at once.

Image of the Day

BVP dropping more ecosystem wisdom!

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