PartnerHacker Daily #142: Don't Forget Your SPF

ImpartnerCON 2022: 50 Exclusive Seats

In case you missed it, we are speaking at ImpartnerCON 2022, and we’ve secured 50 exclusive seats for PartnerHacker subscribers!

For 50 PartnerHacker guests, Impartner is covering a 2-night hotel accommodation at The Grand America Hotel. That means all you need is your flight! No other costs are required!

ImpartnerCON is one of the most significant channel industry events, and we’re excited to be a part of it! The conference takes place October 19-21 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The conference provides access to valuable industry trends and insights from thought leader speakers such as our CEO Jared Fuller, our Ecosystem Council member Jay McBain, Janet Schijns, and Maria Chien, among others.

The agenda also features channel expert companies such as T-Mobile, Splunk, Vertiv, and more.

Ready for your invite?

Send an email to with the subject line: PartnerHacker @ImpartnerCON.

Visit Impartner’s website for more information and access to the schedule.

Partner pros time to shine

What was once seen as a step backward is now a strong step forward.

If you want to leverage the power of ecosystems, you need to leverage a multi-talented partner manager and find a different spot for the underperforming AEs.

In this new era, partnerships are too important not to fill your team with A players.

Screenshot of Chris Murray's LinkedIn post.
From dumping ground to gold mine? Check out Chris's post here.

Image of the Day

Check out the map of all the partners involved in building the newest Orion Spacecraft:

A map of all the partners involved in building the newest Orion Spacecraft.
Even NASA partners up to build the newest spaceship! Thanks for sharing Gary Gower!

We're better together

Help us grow our ecosystem by sharing this PhD today!

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