PartnerHacker Daily #143: The PartnerHacker Handbook is Here!

Understanding the partnerships moment

Today, we are excited to announce the release of The PartnerHacker Handbook! For this book, we reached out to the biggest names in our ecosystem to collect their thoughts in one place.

We created The PartnerHacker Handbook to be the go-to book for anyone trying to wrap their heads around partner ecosystems.

True to our mission, we partnered up. We reached out to Allan Adler, Avanish Sahai, Sunir Shah, Jessie Shipman, Sameer Singh, Jay McBain, Adam Michalski, and our Chief Ecosystem Officer, Jared Fuller, for their thoughts on the partnership moment.

We stand at the precipice of the Era of Ecosystems. This handbook celebrates that new era. It's the first book to offer a collection of thoughts from the brightest thinkers in the partnerships space.

You need voices that stand out above the crowd in a congested marketplace. This book separates the substance from the hype.

We hope you enjoy it!

Get your copy today.

Image of the partner hacker handbook
Click here to download the pdf or get a paperback to add to your bookshelf!

First principles

In math, if you start with a bad assumption, you’ll end up with the wrong answer.

No matter how many pages you scribble out calculations, you’ll get a bad result.

When you get the first principles right, you set yourself down the right path.

You won’t have all the answers, but you’ll have a solid foundation.

The first principles of partnerships are trust and mutual benefit.

Don't get carried away with calculations until you nail down your principles.

Eat your own dog food

Partnership opportunities are lurking right under your nose.

Read how Daniel Lancioni improved customer experience and partnership relationships by using his product to improve his partner's product.

Daniel Lancioni's LinkedIn post about improving business partnerships by improving 3rd party products
#EatYourOwnDogFood, click here to read.

Meme of the Day

meme with intoxicated woman at a music festival hanging on a sober man shouting to man: "our ICP is the same"
Meme credit: Ian from Aircall

Share the PhD

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