PartnerHacker Daily #144: Level Up

Use that lever

Partnerships don't always get love and attention the same way manufacturing doesn't get as much attention as retail.

They're both higher up in the structure of production, further removed from the end user. But higher up means more leverage.

While sales are catching fish, partnership leaders are building nets. Or maybe even making factories to make rope that will make nets.

It takes vision to see the leverage and the exponential end result. And it takes an understanding of the causal chain to get there, and the ability to execute it.

But when done well, the partnership lever elevates entire ecosystems beyond what individual effort alone could accomplish.

Prune your partnerships

Adam Massey recently dropped some knowledge bombs on The Ultimate Guide to Partnering podcast.

Ultimate Guide to Partnering Podcast episode with Adam Massey on Spotify

Here are a few gems:

  • You've gotta prune your partnerships from time to time.
  • Ownership and accountability are the keys to partnerships.
  • Your partnership has to make sense; it must be clear what the mutual benefit is.
  • You've gotta be willing to say, "no," sometimes.
  • Look at your ecosystem as a strategic way to create leverage and
    accelerate growth.
  • Partnerships tap into the untapped potential, releasing incredible value.

Meme of the Day

A meme of a nerdy dad who thinks he's cool. A satirical caption stating: marketing advising you on partnerships is like a dad saying, "I'm the cool dad".
Thanks, Ian from Aircall, for the meme!

ImpartnerCON 2022

Are you ready to learn from some of the brightest minds in the channel industry? Here is your chance to get tickets plus a hotel to attend ImpartnerCON (Oct 19-21)!

The first fifty people to do these two things get the seats:

  1. Be a PhD subscriber.
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