PartnerHacker Daily #147: Keep Experimenting

Minimum viable partnership

If you have an idea for a great partnership, experiment first.

What is the minimum viable partnership? Is there a way you can test it without permission? Try it.

Before you make your pitch, show some proof.

Talk is cheap. Whenever possible, show, don't tell.

(PS - Share any MVP examples or ideas with us!)

Knowledge drop from the PartnerUP podcast

Didn't have time to listen to episode #71 for the PartnerUp Podcast? Check out Eric Sangerma's excellent summary of the topics that were covered:

screenshot of Eric Sangerma's LinkedIn post summarizing episode 71 of the PartnerUp podcast
Click here to read Eric's full summary.

Meme of the Day

Handsome man with capiton - my newly formed partnership, about to be attacked by a scruffy man with capiton my partner enablement plans
Thanks, Jessie Shipman, for the meme!

ImpartnerCON 2022

Don't miss your chance to hear our CEO Jared Fuller speak at ImpartnerCON (Oct 19-21).

The first fifty PhD subscribers to send an email to with the subject line: PartnerHacker @ImpartnerCON get a seat plus their hotel paid for!

Share the PhD

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