PartnerHacker Daily #148: Build Stability to Thrive

An ecosystem needs a solid base

To build a thriving ecosystem, you need a good foundation.

Like nutrient-rich soil, reliable basics will allow more complex things to flourish.

Integrations are a great example.

In episode 51 of PartnerUP, Rob Brewster, CEO of GoForms shared the importance of stability:

...customers would go, man, if you guys put out another release, showing me some little bells and whistles that I could care less about and the system goes down, I'm going to wring your neck... So I hired a head of engineering. And I said, 'your job is stability, make this thing work every single time...' And then we built the business back up.

Make sure you get the foundation right before building too much on top of it!

If you want to grow, let people in

Some great insight from the world of content creation that is applicable everywhere in business.

If you want to grow, try:

  • Removing invisible walls between you and your customer.
  • Holding more 1-on-1 conversations.
  • Telling real stories.
  • Building trust.
  • Letting people see the humans behind the work.
🙂 If you want to grow, let people in
Transparency is a game changer for those willing to apply it. So many organizations, big and small, build invisible walls between themselves and their customers. But as an independent creator, you can change this. You can hold 1-on-1 conversations, tell real stories, and share your stumbles along t…

Meme of the Day

Meme: guy making ok sign after talking for months to his partner who finally shares data
Thanks for the meme, Ian from Aircall!

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