PartnerHacker Daily #151: Flip the Narrative

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I Got 99 problems opportunities

"What's the biggest problem I am my partners are facing today, and how can I solve it?"

In a recent PartnerUp episode, Jared Fuller talked about inversion as a way to flip the script and get fresh insights and better outcomes with your partners.

He said:

....the biggest problem that we have as an industry is that we lack empathy for where people are and what they think we do...  if you invert that problem, you put the empathy the other way around... instead of starting where we are, we probably need to start where they are.

It's hard to see problems in a new light. Try flipping the script.

WTF is nearbound?

At Catalyst22, Reveal highlighted the importance of leveraging nearbound leads in your partnerships ecosystem.

It's a great concept, and a great way to sell the partner motion to your revenue orgs!

Check out their full post on LinkedIn:

screenshot form reveal's linkedin post on finding nearbound leads
Check out Reveal's full post on finding nearbound leads.

Meme of the Day

meme. man in unique golf outfit smoking cigaretter next to professional golfer with caption: as many partners as partner programs
Thanks for the meme, Ian from Aircall!

Get an education in partnerships with Firneo

As a PhD sub, we wanted to let you know about an 8-week partnerships professionals course put on by Firneo.

Enrollment isn't open to everyone just yet. PhD subs get a chance to register early and gain access to an exclusive mastermind session in addition to the course.

Knowledge bombs from The PartnerHacker Handbook

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