PartnerHacker Daily #152: The Partnerships Moment Has Arrived

Introducing PL[X] - the moment partnerships go mainstream

The partnerships moment is here. Those in the ecosystem trenches know it. You can feel it in your bones.

But not everyone else knows it.

And there's not a single conversation that can reach them all.


Because partnerships isn’t a department, it’s a strategy that impacts every department.

And every department needs its own conversation.

It's time.

Introducing the PL[X] Summit.

November 7 - 11th. Five days to define a new era:

  • Day 1: Partner Led [Startup]
  • Day 2: Partner Led [Product]
  • Day 3: Partner Led [Sales]
  • Day 4: Partner Led [Marketing]
  • Day 5: Partner Led [Success]

The largest ever B2B SaaS partnerships event will bring together partner pros and leaders from every department to explore the future of Go-To-Market.

This is going to be huge. Like 5,000+ people huge.

Let's step into the future together.

Register now.

Partnerships gain from complexity

You need everyone working together. Each partner plays a specific role. Your role is to understand the capabilities each alliance brings. – Mauricio Rojas Hacker

Ecosystems seem chaotic. That's because they are! But this is a feature, not a bug.

They're dynamic - they live and breathe.

There's an underlying method to the madness. Like a team, each part of the ecosystem plays a role in supporting the whole.

Partnerships add complexity to an ecosystem, yet they make the system more robust.

Updates from the partnership world

Every week Justin Zimmerman rounds up the latest news on partnerships and posts it to LinkedIn.

Check out his latest partnership roundup:

A screenshot of Justin Zimmerman's Weekly Partnership Social News on LinkedIn
Justin Zimmerman's Weekly Partnership Social News

Meme of the Day

man juggling bowling pins but dropping them all. image caption: when a partner is proactive but cold do with some planning
Thanks for the meme, Ian from Aircall

First Friday (on a 3rd Thursday)!?

We're mixing it up!

Instead of getting together with you on the First Friday this month, we're going live on the Third Thursday (September 22nd) instead.

We've joined up with PartnerPage to explore what agencies actually want.

Bring your favorite drink, come hang out and learn. It's gonna be off the hook!

Register today!

Let's hang!

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