PartnerHacker Daily #154: Automation Frees Up Time for Genuine Connection

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Thursday, Sept. 22 - What Agencies Want with PartnerPage
Wednesday, Sept. 28 - School of Partnerships with Firneo
Mon-Fri, Nov. 7-11 - The PL[X] Summit

Automate boring tasks to enhance relationships

Automation eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks so that people can focus on the things that matter, like actually building relationships. - Rob Rebholz

No one likes to be treated like a robot. We definitely don't want automated emails coming from our closest partners like our spouses!

But when used carefully, automation can lead to better partnerships.

Think of the automatic Zoom links in your calendar, the ability to auto-schedule tasks with Motion, or the power to schedule this PhD newsletter.

Automation makes our lives better! It frees us up to focus on higher-valued things like connecting 1-1 with others.

If you want more time for meaningful connections, use automation to cut out tiresome tasks.

PartnerHacker Handbook love

Chris Murray's 10-month-old was seen reading our anthology on ecosystems, The PartnerHacker Handbook!

I guess it's never too early to start learning about partnerships 👶.

Chris Murray on LinkedIn: #partnerships #ecosystem #BedtimeReading
Everyone is posting a selfie with the PartnerHacker Handbook. Instead, here’s 10 month old Oliver learning how daddy & his team are about to change the...

Don't have a copy of the handbook? No problem. You can pick up a free copy of The PartnerHacker Handbook in PDF or buy the paperback at cost from Amazon.

The future is here: PL[X]

Have you heard about PL[X], the world's largest B2B SaaS partnership event ever?

It's coming, Nov 7 - 11.

Partnerships are the path forward, but there’s a problem. Partnerships impact everything.

We're helping foster the conversations you need to have about the best way to engage in the era of partnership ecosystems.

It’s going to change everything you think about partnerships.

Check out the line-up here.

Meme of the Day

meme. man trying to convince rev ledearship taht partnering brings 2x more ACV
Thanks, Jessie Shipman, for the meme! Love the Adam Pasch meme Template!

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