PartnerHacker Daily #155: The Map is Not the Territory

Let's get together!

Join us for Third Thursday (the event usually called First Friday:-), on the afternoon of September 22.

We partnered up with PartnerPage to hang out and explore what agencies actually want.

Bring a drink to tip back. Chill out and learn. It's gonna be fun!

Register here.

It's gonna be a blast!

Don't confuse models with reality

...the metaphor I love is like, the funnel is clearly looking through the rearview mirror with perfect clarity... But it's [actually] very murky. – Allan Adler, on PartnerUp #72

It's impossible to talk about abstract concepts without invoking metaphors. They help us think in new ways.

Some linguists say we can't think properly without them.

When we talk about the partnerships ecosystem, analogies are super helpful.

But don't confuse mental models with reality. If the analogy helps, give it a try. If not, try another.

In the end, don't cling to metaphors; go with what works.

Sometimes it pays to be foolish

I'm embarrassed telling the story because I was so stupid at the time; I'm like, "Hey, I don't mean to be rude. But why are you here?" And he's like, "oh, yeah, Rob, because you know, McKesson paid, you know, a million dollars for the software. They're paying us, you know, 6 million to implement it. And we're gonna buy your cute little tool for 150k to model out the processes." And I'm like, oh... this guy is the decision maker... and I said, "Are there more people like you?" - Rob Brewster, CEO of Go Formz, on PartnerUp 51

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