PartnerHacker Daily #156: Find a Balance

Learn to say "no"

The trick to finding the right partner is to stop focusing on finding the unicorn that can do it all. – Mauricio Rojas Hacker, Head of Strategic Alliance @ Google Cloud

We need to acknowledge tradeoffs in partnerships. Saying "no" to finding the partnerships unicorn can mean saying "yes" to a balanced ecosystem.

You have to say "no" to good things to make room for something great. Every No you give out is ultimately a Yes to something else.

What agencies (really) want

It's happening this week! We're doing First Friday on the Third Thursday of the month!

Join us and PartnerPage this Thursday (Sept 22) at 2 PM Eastern. Bring your favorite drink to imbibe in!

We'll be talking about what agencies (actually) want (hint: it's not revenue share).

Register here to join the fun.

Updates from the partnership world

Justin Zimmerman is at it again, sharing his weekly roundup from the partnerships world. Keep up to date by following him on LinkedIn.

Screenshot of Justin Zimmerman's weekly partnership social news
Justin Zimmerman shares the latest social news from the partnership space.

Walking on a dream at PL[X]

You wake up. Your entire team and all business units support partnerships. A dream? No. A reality.

All because of one event: PL[X].

Why? Because partnerships solve your growing pains.

B2B is hard. Partnerships are the key to sustainability. Buy-in is tough. So how do we navigate this? The answer: we do it together.

Introducing PL[X], the FIRST ever event that brings all decision makers to the table.

Sign up here. It's 100% FREE.

PartnerHacker PLX summit Nov 7 - 11, 2022

Meme of the Day

Thanks, Daniela Garcia, for the meme!

Share the PhD

Know someone who needs to get their PhD in partnerships? Send ‘em this newsletter.

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