PartnerHacker Daily #158: Partner Ecosystems are Diverse

Complex, not difficult

Partnerships have many facets - they're complex but not difficult. They're a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit - two simple principles.

Partnerships are a strategy that underlies every department. They are complex because they affect everything. But once you get the virtuous flywheel set in motion, it keeps running.

Partnerships in space

SpaceX and T-mobile teamed up to provide a new internet service offering users Starlink technology. Through their partnership, T-mobile users will eventually be able to use their phones to get internet while in the middle of the ocean or while trekking through remote areas of Alaska!

This has the potential to deliver internet access to remote areas of the globe. Eventually, everyone on earth will have access to all the world's information at their fingertips!

A Partnership Made in Heaven (well, space anyway)
“It’s a hard problem to solve. That’s why it hasn’t been done by anyone yet.” – Elon Musk SpaceX and T-Mobile have launched a big partnership.

Meme of the Day

sad man waiting alone with caption: partner professional waiting for revenue numbers to spike after onboarding that referral partner
Thanks, Jessie Shipman, for the meme!

One partner event to rule them all: PL[X]

PL[X]! PL[What]? No biggie, just the world’s largest partnership event ever!

We’re bringing together thousands of people from sales, marketing, product, and success to one table to define the era of the partnerships ecosystem.

Yeah, you heard us right. PL[X] brings the biggest brains in partnerships together in one place for the first time ever.

Check out the line-up here.

PLX summit logo on image
Join us as we define the partnerships moment!

Last call!

Get your afternoon toddy ready.

We're hosting a little get-together tomorrow afternoon with PartnerPage. (It's First Friday, but on a 3rd Thursday).

Kick back, hang out with partner pros, and learn what agencies (actually) want.

See you there!

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