PartnerHacker Daily #159: Share the Signal

Today at 2pm ET

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Keep broadcasting your message

"In Communist Poland, a couple ran an underground radio station.

They had both been in prison, and they would get out, and they would start it up again. It was very risky, and for the longest time, they had no idea who was listening.

They just kept broadcasting a signal, sharing the things that they believed were important. One night, they said, 'If you can hear this, and you value freedom, blink your lights'.

And they looked out the window, and all of Warsaw was blinking. And that's when they knew it mattered."

Isaac Morehouse, PartnerUp ep. 74

Your ecosystem can seem invisible.

You know it exists, but you don't really know how big it is, who's a part of it, and whether you're effectively reaching them.

Don't lose heart. Keep living in the ecosystem. Keep creating value. Keep broadcasting your signal. They're out there. Whether through pirate radio, dark social, or intangible influence, those who keep the signal beaming build the underground army.

#Fempire rising 

#Fempire dinner at Catalyst '22
When we first decided to host a Fempire dinner we figured maybe 5 or 6 people would attend. But responses were so strong and interest was so high that we ended up buying out the entire restaurant. – Autum Grimm, co-founder and CRO of PartnerTap.

#Fempire celebrates women doing hard things to build and scale successful partner ecosystems. Cassandra Gholston, CEO of PartnerTap, decided to sponsor the inaugural event held at Catalyst 22.

The Fempire is about getting women to understand and use the power they have to change the flow of capital. – Judy Loehr, CPO at PartnerTap

Check out more #Fempire posts on LinkedIn.

Stat of the Day

Two-thirds of all Google searches are zero-click.  

pie graph showing that 2/3 of google searches result in zero-clicks
Customers don't care about your blog. They want products that can seamlessly fit into their lives with minimal deviation from their preferred patterns. [source]

Share the PhD

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