PartnerHacker Daily #160: Creative Destruction

Purpose, or ROI? Why not both!

It feels good to know what you're doing matters.

It also feels good to drive revenue, grow, and win.

These two things don't need to be in tension!

Join on the next First Friday as as we explore the combo of ROI and impact with our friends from Packed with Purpose.

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The market moves

"Let's take Schumpeter and creative destruction... the old model finally started to crash, which created a wave of innovation, and creativity had to finally stop working the old way. It's just not working... creative [destruction] has started to explode." – PartnerUp ep. 43.

The era of the partnerships ecosystem came about because customers were overwhelmed with data. Customers want trust, not funnels.

Economist Joseph Schumpeter called this creative destruction. It happens when longstanding practices get replaced by something better.

Creativity is the most precious resource we have. Ecosystems foster the power of creativity and experimentation. Let the experimenting begin!

Lessons from YOU

There's nothing better than 1-1 conversations for learning.

Here are a few lessons I've gleaned from the convos I've have had with PhD readers the last few weeks:

  • Partnerships are all about relationships – they are relationships that carry incredible value.
  • Never be salesy.
  • Read The PartnerHacker Handbook to learn from the battle-scarred best.
  • Get together with partners often.
  • Be curious. You might not know everything, but you can learn by being more curious than anyone.
  • Ask good questions like: What new partnerships do we need in place to achieve our goals?

If you want to chat, hit me up!

School of partnerships

On September 28th, from 12 - 3 PM, we're heading back to school with Firneo for the School of Partnerships: Building, Activating, and Repairing your Program.

We've got the top profs in partnerships coming to teach the key lessons you need to know to succeed in your partnerships role.

Register for free and check out the syllabus here.

Meme of the Day

man looking confused with caption: Dude! I totally get the partner ecosystem!
Thanks for the meme, Chris Keil!

Share the PhD

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