PartnerHacker Daily #162: Till the Garden

Back to the basics

First principles govern all — instead of trying to master 1,000 things, master 10 things, then apply it 1,000 times.

This is systems thinking.

Ground up, bottoms up thinking.

There’s no way you can understand everything, it’s a fool’s errand.

But you can deeply understand the 10-first principles that govern the world around you.

This is partnerships — they are innately complex, like an ecosystem.

But there are first principles that govern how businesses and people interoperate.

This is the way we partner up.

Automation: necessary but not sufficient

Automation is great. It frees up time to connect with others. It is a necessary, but not a sufficient way to grow your partnership ecosystem.

Growing your ecosystem requires more than automation. It requires you to till your garden. You've gotta get your hands dirty.

Automation can trick us into thinking we are doing great things when we're really just spinning our wheels.

Try this instead: connect one-on-one with your partners. Listen. Ask them about their goals. Let them know you are there to help.

And when it comes time to use automation, use it well!

The Case for Automation: How Technology Helps Advance Your Ecosystem and Build Better Relationships
When used judiciously, automation can lead to more robust partnership engagement and better relationships.

Cool stuff in the partnerships world

Image of the Day

image showing stats stating 76% of ceos see partnershpsand ecosystems as the way of the future

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