PartnerHacker Daily #163: Get Lucky

Increase your luck surface

When you take a partner led approach, you increase the probability of success. You increase the surface area of your luck.

If you create a partner led platform that others can build on, you unleash the creative potential of all the builders in the market. It's not just you trying to create anymore.

When you build or live in market with partners, you enlist the creativity of the whole ecosystem.

With creativity comes experimentation. And with experimentation, innovation. With innovation, growth.

Giving to partners with joy

What makes a really great gift?

How excited the giver is for the recipient to open it.

Yes, the recipient should like it. But the really great gifts are where the giver loves the gift just as much.

Giving a gift that is meaningful to you carries that through to the receiver. A gift given to check off a task list, not so much.

If thank you notes or gifts are part of your partner motion, take the extra time to give something meaningful to you.

If it's meaningful to you, it's more likely to be meaningful to them.

FirstFriday with Packed with Purpose

Cool stuff around the partnerships world

Quote of the Day

It’s time you start thinking as big as your ecosystem’s size. – Simon Bouchez

Share the PhD

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