PartnerHacker Daily #169: Find the Right Target

Never give up

When do you give up? You never give up. You better make damn sure that you're never giving up on the right things. That means making better choices. – Jared Fuller, PartnerUp Pod #71

If you want to win at partnerships, you need to make partnerships an intentional choice. Partnerships isn't a department you dabble in. It's a first principles strategy that emanates from all aspects of your business.

Use first principles to set your sights on the right target. First principles give clarity to make decisions with conviction.

If you are willing to give up, then you don't have the right target in your sights. Go back to your first principles – refocus your target.

Aim for the bullseye, then fire away.

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Image of the Day

black hole of procurement cartoon showing all of the obstacleto getting things done.
Thanks for the image Scott Brinker!

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