PartnerHacker Daily #172: Risk and Reward

Every risk is an opportunity

Partnership ecosystems are an opportunity, but they are also a risk.

You have less control and measurability over the funnel and where your customers are coming from. The investments can take time to pay off.

But partnership ecosystems are a more natural way of doing business. They fit seamlessly into your customer's workflows. They payoff bigger over time, and don't run out of steam like direct tactics.

If you integrate into the instinctive flow that your customers want, you create a rich, thriving, ecosystem.

The School of Partnerships

Last week, we teamed up with Firneo to bring you the School of Partnerships: Building, Activating, and Repairing your Program.

It was a half-day educational event where we learned the easy way to create meaningful partnerships.

Speakers included some heavy hitters in the partnership space like Scott Pollack,  Ty Lingley, Noam Cadouri, Katerina Petraki, Will Taylor, Chris Lavoie, and Scott Murtaugh.

You can watch the recordings here.

Video screenshot of the School of Partnerships: Building, Activating, and Repairing your Program.
Watch the replay of School of Partnerships: Building, Activating, and Repairing your Program.


  • Now - Oct 12 - Learn the playbook for building better partnerships by enrolling in Firneo's 8-week partnerships professionals course. Applications are due by October 12 for the upcoming cohort (which starts October 16th).
  • October 12 - 13, 2022 - RevCon - Come together with the sales, marketing, revops, and cs leaders behind the future of SaaS.
  • October 19 - 21, 2022 - ImpartnerCON - Our CEO Jared Fuller will be speaking.
  • November 3, 2022 - Crossbeam Connector Summit
  • November 7 -11, 2022 - PL[X] Summit, the world’s largest B2B SaaS partnerships event ever!

Quote of the Day

Image with quote: In the third wave, disruption cannot be a mantra; it has to be a strategy. And while your product has to be great, your partnership skills may end up determining your success or failure.
From Steve Case's book, The Third Wave. Share by Jill Rowley

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