PartnerHacker Daily #174: The Importance of Stories

Tell great stories

Stories captivate us. They influence how we think. We can't escape them. They tell us about how we got to where we are, and where we are going.

B2B SaaS needs a new story.

Traditional sales and marketing are struggling. Customers are overwhelmed with data and info. They want to make purchases based on people and products they trust.

It's time for a better story.

It's time for a better together story. A partnerships story.

Partnerships change the way we do business. They allow us to be closer to our customer, more human, and more connected. They place trust at the center of the relationship.

This is the era of the partnerships ecosystem. Let's write the new story.

New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, and Audio Articles.

Partner Led Everything - Listen to episode 77 of PartnerUp.
Will Taylor, Ben Wright, and Tom Burgess talk about why qualification is important, and common criteria to utilize and offer their collective experience to avoid the traps you may encounter.
Jessie Shipman writes about new ways to measure training and enablement on the audio articles podcast.


Image of the Day

Screenshot: I hate to bee that person, but is the being recorded?
Yes, our events are recorded! Check out the replay of our most recent events: School of Partnerships and What Agencies Want.

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