PartnerHacker Daily #175: Humanity is Key

Be human

Partnerships are inherently human. They encourage us to think about the other side of the relationship first. They encourage us to play and win the long game.

It's a more human way to play and it affects every aspect of a business.

Product teams need to think about integrations first and how they play nice with other products and tools.

Marketing needs to co-market. They need to think about working with trusted influencers who have a reputation with the customer.

Sales teams need to think about co-selling. They need to look at prospects they already know and people they trust.

Customer success needs to work with agencies already in the space who they know can fix the issues.

Partnerships aren't a department. They're about integrating partnership principles into the fabric of your company culture.

ImpartnerCON 2022

Our CEO, Jared Fuller will be included in a panel discussion next week at ImpartnerCON happening Oct 19 - 21. He'll be discussing actionable insights, best practices, and tactical advice on partnerships.

If you haven't heard Jared speak before, check out this video from a recent LinkedIn post. He's willing to jump on a table and inspire the room!

Jared Fuller talks about how "Trust is the new data."
Jared Fuller: "Trust is the new data."


Meme of the Day

Thanks for the meme Adam Pasch!

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