PartnerHacker Daily #177: Don't Get Evicted

You don't own the account

Nobody owns accounts anymore. Just because your name is next to an account in Salesforce or HubSpot does not mean it's your account.

You're renting space, mindshare, and establishing trust.

You're trying not to get evicted.

There are companies with preexisting relationships – they have service providers, agencies, consultants, and tech vendors – they have a plethora of other accounts that they already do business with.

Go to the people that are already doing business, the residents of the tower that are already there. Build trust and work with them.

The second you stop acting like you own the account then maybe, just maybe you can start working with the account.

Instead of thinking you're the owner, start thinking: I'm renting space and I've got to earn the right to stay and be welcomed.

Boost partner loyalty

When partners center each other’s needs, the result is a mutually enriching network: a win for one is a win for all. – Rob Rebholz

Partnerships isn't a department; it's a strategy that emanates through the entire business model. Rob Rebholz says there's a mindset shift that takes place when you focus on partnerships. It cuts to the heart of the business model.

To achieve long-term wins, you need to become partner-centric.

Check out Rob's Op-Ed:

The Path to Partner Centricity: How to Boost Partner Loyalty
We’ve come a long way from the cut-throat days of revenue-above-all when partners’ needs languished low on the list of most organizations’ priorities (if they were on the list at all). In the past, partnerships were regarded as an input factor of revenue generation, but not central to decision-makin…


Quote of the Day

The only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take. – Tony Robbins

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