PartnerHacker Daily #178: Make Better Decisions

Work smarter; not harder

"What I love is building systems that connects more people... I like building and offering a solution with a partner that will help 10 salespeople. That's exciting." – Chelsea Graham

Using a lever lets you lift more weight with the same amount of effort. That's how good partnerships work.

Yes, it takes time and effort to create the lever and get it into place. At first, it seems like you're moving slower than those just manually putting their shoulder to the boulder.

But once you've got your lever setup, the amount of return you get on the same effort blows all those boulder pushers away.

Everyone has big rocks to move. The smart ones are building levers.

Unlikely book recs

Thanks to Jill Rowley’s recommendation, I picked up The Third Wave by Steve Case. It's all about ecosystems, networks, communities, and partnerships at large.

Case is most well known as the former CEO and chairman of AOL and has witnessed what he calls “waves” in the internet’s development.

The first wave was about laying the foundation, the second wave was about apps and tools to do the same jobs better, and the third wave he calls the “internet of everything.”

The third wave screenshot from the book The Third Wave by Steve Case
What companies will dominate the Third Wave?

Case expanded my understanding of “the moment” by giving me the perspective to realize, the Internet is not done evolving. We have our infrastructure, we have our tools, and now we get to see the internet change everything.

He imagines a future that’s interconnected, diverse, and flourishing.

That’s the kind of world I want to live in, and partnerships are the inflection point.

We’re trying, failing, and figuring out how things work best. We’re learning so we can set the precedent for the rest of B2B, and then every other industry.

Eventually, the sound of network effects, exponential growth, and downright efficiency will become too loud to ignore.


Meme of the Day

Thanks for the meme Adam Pasch!

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