PartnerHacker Daily #18: Eating Your Ecosystem?

Ryan Breslow of Bolt posted a lengthy thread accusing Shopify of cannibalizing their own ecosystem. Jared wrote an equally lengthy rebuttal thread.

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Hot dog, we have a tussle

Ryan Breslow of Bolt posted a lengthy thread accusing Shopify of cannibalizing their own ecosystem:

Jared wrote an equally lengthy rebuttal thread:

We're not trying to pick sides or pick fights here at PartnerHacker, but a few interesting thoughts:

  • What are the long/short term trade-offs to relying on partners to provide services vs deciding to bring in-house?
  • Being perceived as partner friendly matters.
  • Actually walking the walk matters too (and Jared points out, Bolt has only ONE integration listed)

New PartnerUp Episode

On yesterday’s episode, we wanted to set the record straight – what is community and how do you leverage it? Listen to Ashley dispels the myths and breaks through the BS.

Partner programs are not the same as reseller programs

I guess we're on a Twitter kick today!

Pete Caputa has a nice thread explaining why partner programs need to look different, and why partners don't necessarily need direct help from the sale team to close deals but they DO need help with demand gen.

He leaves a little teaser about the solution, but does offer this:

Quote of the Day

"[M]ost CEOs talk about Ecosystems but don’t walk the walk."

Allan Adler

Sharing is Caring

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