PartnerHacker Daily #180: Network Effects

Live-in-market > Go-to-market

To win big, you need to live in the community/ecosystem where your customers, partners, and those they trust live. It's not enough to just focus on the basic growth approaches like sales, content, events, product, partner, and community.

You need an integrated approach for maximum effectiveness. You need a partner led approach. It's an approach that incorporates partnerships into every aspect of what you do.

To be partner led, you need to:

  • Build relationships with complementary companies in your ecosystem
  • Build content with your partners
  • Co-sell with partners in the ecosystem
  • Never do another event alone
  • Co-innovate with partners on your product – involve them in the process, make integrations core to the roadmap

Start thinking about how your customer success strategy is nested in partner relationships which are themselves nested in an ecosystem.

There is immense efficiency and effectiveness gained by living in market and partnering on every action, vs going to market with a siloed strategy.

PS - Check out the sketch I made in MS Paint (my favorite design program) illustrating these ideas.

The new go-to-market design
You could swap “ecosystem” for “community”

Walmart making partners famous

This move by Walmart is interesting.

It's a shift to putting more attention on the brands they sell (partner with) than on their own brand. Making the Walmart experience more of a collection of individual brand experiences.

By focusing on the customer, they learned it's better to take the focus off themselves and shift it to the companies they partner with for products.

Designing Interactive Stores that ‘Wow’
For millions of customers, our stores and associates are the reason they love Walmart. They are the greatest assets for our brand. We’re always listening to our customers’ and associates’ feedback to help inspire, evolve and refresh the store experience. Today, we’re unveiling a new, signature…


Meme of the Day

Meme. Neo from the matrix stating: I know network effects
Thanks for the meme Gary Grower!

Speaking of network effects

James Currier of NfX, author of The Network Effects Bible, is basically the grand master of network effects. He just launched a Network Effects Masterclass that looks absolutely amazing.

Check it out here.

PS - James is speaking at the PL[X] Summit next month too!

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