PartnerHacker Daily #181: Take the Long View

ANNOUNCING the opening keynote for Partner Led Startup day at the PL[X] Summit - the world’s largest ever B2B partnerships event…


PLX closing keynote is one of the most popular VC’s in the world, Andrew Chen.

The opening keynote?

The opposite of a VC. But one of the most popular founders in tech.

Nathan sold his first company Heyo, built a media empire (including a physical magazine simply called “Latka”), then founded FounderPath which just raised a whopping $150M (in the worst market of our lifetimes) to fund founders with non-dilutive capital in less than 24 hours.

You read that right. 😮

He's betting heavy on ecosystems and coming to PL[X] to talk about it. Check out his keynote:

Register (free) to catch Nathan at

Play the long game

Partnerships aren't about notching a quick win. They're about building a winning machine.

With partnerships, you're seeking to form and feed an ecosystem that thrives under pressure. This takes time and trust.

It can be hard to get going, but once it does, everything else gets easier.

Take the lead, do hard things

Partnerships are difficult, but you can make them easier by taking the first step.

Take the opportunity to build relationships. Take the first step and lead the conversation. It requires a conscious effort, but the impact is something that makes you feel alive. Be genuinely curious about people. Don’t talk about yourself; listen to others.

It's kind of a life hack to just make yourself do stuff you are uncomfortable with. I challenged myself to be uncomfortable, and I got better at it.

It wasn't natural for me at first, but the more I leaned into it, the better I became.

Q & A with PartnerHacker’s Head of Partnerships Will Taylor
I had a chat with our Head of Partnerships, Will Taylor about what he’s learned while working in partnerships. Will is a genuinely kind and funny guy. He’s also grown a huge following on LinkedIn in the partnerships space. I asked Will a few questions about partnerships, work,


Image of the Day

how traditional slaes scales vs how partnerships scale
Thanks for the image Rob Rebhoz!

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