PartnerHacker Daily #182: Network > Funnel

The network is the new funnel

A funnel’s strength is defined by two dimensions: inputs and outputs.

A network’s strength is defined by three dimensions: near or far relationships, size of the node, and throughput between nodes.

Funnels are a mechanistic tool, networks are dynamic open systems.

The network is a more human model of doing business. I'd rather be connected to a network than shoved through a funnel!

How to use your partner program to survive a recession

How do you get through a tough recession when everyone is tightening their belts?

You work smarter, not harder.

Use partnerships to get higher win rates and bigger deals without growing your headcount. By giving personalized attention to your partners, and focusing on the long tail, you can sustainably engage your ecosystem.

In the Face of Recession Pain, Partnerships Are the Answer
The economy is soft, budgets are tight, and convincing your CEO to invest in partnerships is difficult. For partnerships, today looks a lot like two years ago. In 2020, we were all dealing with the new normal and the business setbacks from COVID. Some companies were doing exceptionally, and some


Quote of the Day

"Every person gives off gives off energy... Every person is an energy unit. So the more you can get these energy units together, either digitally or in person, the more good energy will be created." – Mark Kilens, PartnerUp #78

Share the PhD

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