PartnerHacker Daily #183: Better Together

Partnerships are energy

Gaining energy from being with other people is part of our DNA. We are born into families and tribes. When we are around other people, energy emanates.

When we partner we use that energy to win together.

Harness the energy that partnerships bring to the table to propel your partnerships forward.

PS - Some relationships drain energy. Avoid those!

Unlikely book recs

Today's rec is from Rob Rebholz, CEO of Superglue.

Two of my advisors recommended the excellent book, Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets.

We constantly see companies create new product categories, especially in the partner tech space where it feels like there's a Cambrian Explosion taking place.

The book has changed the way I think about category creation as something that doesn't accidentally happen, but that is the result of very systematic work. I liked the idea that a product category is not just made up of all the players in it but also of the broader ecosystem.

To build a new category companies need to collaborate.

In my previous venture, we created a new product category, and much of it was by luck. At Superglue we're creating the "partner engagement platform" category and this time I want to be more systematic.

That's what I use this book for.


Meme of the Day

Neo meme. Image of neo with caption: we are all connected in the ecosystem
Thanks for the meme Daniela Garcia!

Share the PhD

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