PartnerHacker Daily #184: Stories Abound

Find the narrative

Everything has a story. Especially partnerships.

Data was the new oil until data polluted the waters. Consumers became overwhelmed. They started ignoring ads and instead sought nodes of trust.

The partnerships story is built to last. It's a story based on trust and mutual benefit.

Find your partnerships story. Dig in. Find your why. Tell the story.

Those who build the narratives will influence where the narratives go.

New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, and Audio Articles.

Your best leads are right next door!

(PS - Jo will be speaking at the PL[X] Summit next month - don't miss it!)

Jo Wright talks about nearbound on PartnerUp Podcast #79
Jessie Shipman of Fluincy breaks down partner enablement on the latest episode of, Howdy, Partner!
Chris Messina writes about how to manage partnership expectations in his latest Op-ed at


Quote of the Day

"By sincerely taking an interest in people, you will learn about their goals, motivations, and frustrations, and you can use these things to help them so they can help you." – Chris Messina

Share the PhD

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