PartnerHacker Daily #185: Simple, Not Easy

Dope new track just dropped

Welcome to "The Moment".

The moment partner ecosystems go mainstream. The moment GTM changes forever.

A new era needs a new soundtrack. Just dropped The Moment, the official PL[X] Summit title track, complete with killer lyrics and some sick vocals.

See you at the Summit!

Partnerships take work

Partnerships are based on a simple idea: trust and mutual benefit.

We can mutually benefit by coming together and focusing on our unique strengths.

But partnerships aren't easy. They take hard work.

Building trust through genuine connections takes diligence and forethought. You may even need to learn to speak your partner's love language.

But if you put in the work, you'll be surprised by the power that partnerships unlock.

Jill Rowley speaking at PL[X]!

With 22 years inside of B2B Jill Rowley is a big deal but you'd rarely catch her saying that herself.

As an early hire at Salesforce, Eloqua, and Adobe Marketo, she's seen the age of the internet, the AppExchange, and Martech as software ate the world.

She's passionate about community and about leveraging business and technology to make the world a better place.

Jill will be speaking at our PL[X] Summit, and you don't want to miss it.

PL[x] video introduction to Jill Rowley
Click the image to play the video

PS - You can listen to Jill talking about partnerships on PartnerUp Pod #76.


Meme of the Day

Fire meme. Dog sitting drinking coffee in room on fire stating with capiton: My executive team doesnt' care about partnerships. Dog stating: This is fine.
Thanks for the meme PartnerPage!

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