PartnerHacker Daily #186: Don't Hold Back

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Don't hold value hostage

When you want to partner with someone on something, don't hold back the value you can create for them while awaiting guarantees of value they can create for you.

It feels extractive. It feels adversarial. It feels zero-sum.

If you're working on a partnership, start being a champion for them, doing things for free, and giving to them immediately upfront before you've nailed down how things will work in a more formal mutual exchange.

Then when you come to the table to finalize, they will have a great feeling about you, they will love you, they will be energized and motivated to get something done and to be more generous with you.

THAT is the first-giver advantage.

Show Me You Know Me with #samsalesmail

More calling, more ads, more features, and more partners won’t get you the things you really want.

Customers want to buy products that solve real problems from people that they trust.

Sam McKenna’s famous “Show me you know me” is all about leveraging the tools we have to establish trust and connect deeply with our customers (and partners).

Who are they? What do they like? What are the trends in their industry? What are they likely thinking about? What are they likely worried about?

We have the tools to connect, solve big problems, and establish trust, but we still need to learn how to leverage them.

After watching your #samshort on what to do when you've been ghosted, we closed a deal we've been chasing for two months!" - VP, SaaS

We highly recommend the #samsalesemail newsletter for more short, practical lessons. You can subscribe here for free.

We’re also excited to have Sam speak at the PL[X] Summit in November! Hope to see you there!

Max Altschuler to speak at PL[X]!

Max Altschuler is a legend in sales. Founder of Sales Hacker, and co-founder and partner at the GTMfund, he sees the value that partnerships are bringing to other departments (including sales).

Click on the image to play the video preview 

Max recognizes that the game has changed. You used to sell alone, in silos.

Now, you need to co-sell with partners.

Join us, Nov 7 - 11 at PL[X] Summit to learn from industry titans like Max.

Register for the PL[X] Summit here (for free!).


Meme of the Day

Meme. Image of elderly woman getting assistance from caretaker. Caption: Partners should want to give us referrals. Caretaker caption: let's get you to bed grandma
Thanks for the meme Stewart Wesley!

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