PartnerHacker Daily #188: Don't Forget the Long Tail

Massive keynotes for PL[X] just dropped!

Partner led product day

Doctor Mark Brigman, Ph.D. is an expert in strategic partnerships and has trained thousands on how to do co-innovation. At his keynote, Making Your Product = The "Easy Button," he will show you how to leverage partnerships to accelerate product value.

Partner led martketing day

Anthony Kennada CMO of three unicorns: Hopin, Front, and Gainsight will deliver unbelievable value with his keynote speech: How to Transform Your Brand into a Media Company to Build and Engage Your Community.

Partner led sales day

In the keynote debate being dubbed, Outbound vs. Nearbound: The Sales Showdown of the Decade!, Morgan Ingram, a LinkedIn TOP Voice for Sales for three years running, will face off against the OG PartnerHacker and author of Trust is the New Data, Jared Fuller.

Partner led success day

Sam Jacobs is challenging the age-old adage that nice guys finish last. He understands the importance of kindness and uses it as a core principle as the CEO of Pavilion, the world’s largest B2B community. Sam will deliver our closing keynote, Don’t Call Him King: Kind Folks Finish First.

Read more about the new keynotes here.

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Serendipity and the long tail win

You need full commitment to the long tail strategy. It’s a little scary and messy at first. You can’t go into it half-heartedly. You’ve got to align your department and leadership around creating a partner program that extends well beyond the 20% of partners who generate 80% of the current value. – Gary Sabin via

YouTube captured the serendipitous power of the long tail by allowing the little guy a chance to upload videos to its publishing suite. Netflix, on the other hand, hoped to win big by picking the next mega-hit.

YouTube has a strong competitive moat, while Netflix has been copied by a growing number of streaming services.

When you give your partners amazing tools and allow small-time partners to self-onboard, you open the gates to unforeseen wins you would've otherwise missed.

By enabling all your partners, the long tail starts wagging, and big wins come your way.

Unlikely book recs

Today's rec is from Jessie Shipman, CEO of Fluincy.

One of my favorite books is The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek. I discovered it by listening to Brené Brown's podcast Dare to Lead where she interviewed Simon about it.

My whole perspective on business changed from, "How do I win?" to "How do I advance a worthy cause through my work?"

It changed the way that I approach work, from striving toward fixed but artificial goals to being on a journey of mastery. Not perfection, but mastery.

The book solidified my understanding of the concept of ecosystems as the next logical step in a functioning economy.

Give to Get, Better Together, All Ships Rise, Trust is the New Data, all of these concepts come from the simple understanding that business will thrive when it moves forward into being more human.


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Replace 'outsourced' with 'partnered.

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