PartnerHacker Daily #189: Start the Conversation

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Partner-first mindset

Partnerships isn't a department – its a strategy that must flow from every single department.

For partnerships to work, you need to have the tough conversations within every department about how partnerships will accelerate growth.

Building a partnership-first mindest isn't easy, but it is possible. Justin Graci of HubSpot spells out the steps to build a partnerships-first framework into the core structure of your org.

The partner-first mindset starts with:

  • Defining the rules of engagement with partners
  • Talking with leaders and becoming an advocate for partnerships
  • Training partners and direct reps on the value they bring

New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, and Audio Articles.

Listen to the latest PartnerUp Pod
screenshot of spotify player playing Howdy, Partner!
This week on Howdy Partners, the gentlemen talk about how to set up your partnerships to achieve success through early activation and proper enablement. (Click the image to listen)
screenshot of spotify player
Justin Graci breaks down how to build a partner-first mindset in your org. (Click the image to listen)


Quote of the Day

Sixty to 80% of our content should come from the voice of someone else. We should just be there to empower them to take their expertise, their stories, and their experience, and turn that into something that someone can use to learn to be motivated to get to an outcome – whatever that might be. – Mark Kilens, via PartnerUp Pod #78

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