PartnerHacker Daily #191: Partner Led Startup

Partner led startup day is live at PL[X]!

Today is the first day of the biggest partner led event ever – PL[X] and we are live now!

PL[X] marks the moment that partnerships go mainstream. We've got a stellar lineup of speakers for you today.

Some of the speakers you'll be hearing from include:

We're also hosting Partner Tech Shark Tank! Four partner tech startups will face off against four VC's to see who can take home the money!

PL[X] runs from 9 AM - 3 PM PT (noon – 6 PM ET)

View the schedule and join now!

Today at PL[X]: Partner Led Startup of the Year Awards!

Today at PL[X], we'll be announcing the awards for Partner Led Startup of the year.

These awards are going to startups who recognize the traditional go-to-market strategy is not enough. To succeed in today's environment you need to build your business around a partner ecosystem and embody a partner first ethos.

We are stoked to announce the winners today at PL[X]. Check out the nominees:

Don't miss the awards live from the PL[X] Summit! You can register now for free.

PartnerUp Pod is going live with The Partnered Podcast

Today, PartnerUp podcast is doing a cross-pod takeover with The Partnered Podcast. They'll be discussing:

  • How to be partner-led from day one
  • Partner to acquisition strategies  
  • What we learned in day one of PL[X].

Image of the Day

Everyone seems to be excited about their PL[X] Workbook. If you haven't picked one up, you can get yours at cost from Amazon, or download the PDF for free.

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