PartnerHacker Daily #197: From Partnerships to Sales

Collaboration leads to sales

Partnerships impact your bottom line. But partnerships people don't use the same language as sales. Language is a true expression of who we are, and you need to be able to speak the same language as your partners if you want to increase your sales.

You need to enter partner conversations with data, but you also need to understand the lingo of your partners. Understand how your partnerships will impact the individuals on the ground at your partner's organization.

Engage with your partners at their watering holes. For example, let them know how partnerships can have a positive impact on the sales team, making cold calling easier.

To make partnerships work, provide solutions to your partner's problems, but do it through the lens of partnerships.

Activating partners with incentives

Getting the outcomes you want from your partners is tough work. It's not easy to get the forward momentum just right to drive your desired outcome when working with partners.

Fortunately, Mauricio Rojas Hacker has cracked the code on using incentives to activate your partner ecosystem. Check out his latest article about how to use incentives to get the outcomes you want.

Incentives: The Key to Activating Your Partner Ecosystem
Driving desired outcomes from your channel ecosystem is challenging for any partner leader. Strategic alignment and joint business planning will not provide the momentum needed for your partners to generate pipeline, lead pre-sales engagements, own project delivery/implementation, provide technical…


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Quote of the Day

"Partnerships grow at their own pace. You’re sowing seeds from an unmarked box. You can only guess what’s going to grow out of them – but while you wait, you need to keep tending to your garden." – Eric Sangerma

PL[X] moments

Screenshot of Dylan Connor's comment stating excitment about the PartnerHacker education hub.
The PartnerHacker Education Hub (powered by PartnerFleet) was announced on Tuesday at PL[X]. Thanks for checking it out Dylan Connor Fernandez!

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