PartnerHacker Daily #199: The Partnership Lever

Do more with less

Partnerships allow you to do more with less. This is especially helpful in a down economy. View partnerships like a lever, the greater the partnerships you build, the more heavy lifting you can do.

Focus on your core business, and use partnerships to leverage the other stuff. When you build great partnerships, you don't need to focus on doing everything. If a new need arises, there's likely a partner to help with it.

Concentrate on your core competencies and build partnerships for the rest.

New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, and Audio Articles.

Allison Munro, Jared Fuller, and Isaac Morehouse discuss ecosystem-based marketing in PartnerUp #82
The Howdy Partners crew explores how to drive revenue with your partners on the latest pod. (click the image to play)
Dylan Connor Fernandez shares his takeaways from Partner Led Sales Day at PL[X]. (click the image to play)


  • SaaS Connect - UK – Today – Join the FIRST SaaS Connect UK. They'll be kicking things off with a panel discussion held by the top leaders in SaaS Partnerships!

Quote of the Day

"Incentives should aim to energize teams/individuals and prioritize efforts around your product. Consider what you can provide to help your partner sales teams achieve quota faster, generate a better sales pipeline, and elevate individual capabilities." – Mauricio Rojas Hacker

PL[X] moments

Screenshot of PLX comments.
The Comments were on fire at PL[X]. Watch the replay here.

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