PartnerHacker Daily #202: It Starts With the Customer

Psst... First Friday is back!

On Friday, December 2, at 10 AM ET (4 PM France/Germany, 3 PM UK), we joined up with Superglue to explore The European Partner Moment.

Mark your calendar. More info coming soon!

Understand your customer

In a Linkedin Live last week, Isaac asked about CS teams that don't want to work with partners because it might take work away from them and threaten their headcount and budget.

I kind of went off. ;-)

If you are threatened by:
👉 knowledge
👉 wisdom
👉 understanding
👉 truth
👉 empathy
for the customer...

Get. The. Heck. Out.

Go collect 🗑 or become a bureaucrat.

You don't belong in customer success.

Come at me.

Creating the cloud GTM flywheel

"Nothing is sexier than the flywheel." - Sanjay Mehta at PL[X]

At PL[X] Sanjay Mehta and Erin Figer discussed the virtues of a cloud GTM strategy. They provide a method for partnering up with hyperscalers. The strategy includes:

  • Selling through AWS, GCP, and Microsoft.
  • Leveraging where you build to drive where you sell.
  • Building a co-sell motion to team with cloud providers.
  • Accelerating deals through Marketplace and meeting your buyers where they want to buy.

Check out the full presentation below:

Check out Sanjay Mehta and Erin Figer's presentation at PL[X].


  • Dec 2 - First Friday - PartnerHacker and Superglue present: The European Partner Moment at 10 AM ET (4 PM France/Germany, 3 PM UK). More details coming soon!
  • Dec 7 - Predictions 2023: Channel vs Ecosystem - Justin Zimmerman, Scott Brinker, and Jay McBain will meet up to discuss their partner predictions for 2023. Join them!

Quote of the Day

Partners will want you if their customers watch you. – Nathan Latka

Share the PhD

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