PartnerHacker Daily #205: Give Value First

What do you bring to the table?

If you want to partner up and win, consider some ways you can show value first. Instead of making a pitch, show real value.

Run a test to show your potential partner the value you bring. Don't just tell 'em, show 'em.

Put together a subset of your shared customers and run a test. Show them the numbers. Let them see what kind of value you bring.

Do a deep dive. Find the key players in the company you want to partner with and connect with them.

You won't be ignored when you bring value first.

Build authentic relationships

At PL[X], Anthony Kennada shared how to use first principles to build and engage your community. He gives five steps for using an Owned media strategy.

  1. Define a brand strategy that will inspire your audience.
  2. Build the media marketing organization.
  3. Produce content in a way that creates authenticity.
  4. Convert your audience into subscribers.
  5. Manage your owned media platform (ex. blog) like a product.

Check out the full presentation below:


Meme of the Day

Meme. Old man looking intesly at ring with caption: Look at this one-pager, they'll for sure, remember this one.
Thanks for the meme Jessie Shipman!

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