PartnerHacker Daily #206: It's a Two-Way Street

Give first

In any relationship, there is a two-way exchange. But someone has to go first.

The instinct is to wait and see what you'll get before you give. But when you do, you give up a massive advantage!

The one to give first - to give even before there's any solid proof that they will get anything in return - establishes an incredible position.

They deposit an extra chunk of change in the bank of social capital, which will pay dividends for a long time.

If you practice the art of giving first, sometimes you will not get anything in return, it's true. But if you average it out over multiple relationships, the gains far exceed the losses. The first-giver advantage is real.

Gifting - especially gifts that have meaning to YOU - is an incredible way to give first and build social capital.

You only get one first give! Make it count.

Is the channel being replaced by the ecosystem?

There was some great back and forth in Latané Conant's post around Forrester's 2023 B2B predictions.

Jared Fuller maintained that the channel is the old world. Take a look and add your comments:

Jared Fuller's comments on channel being replaced by the ecosystem
Click the image to join the discussion.


Meme of the Day

Meme. Man looking at ancient scroll and it reads: send referralls to your partners. Man throws cross.
Thanks for the meme Imran Kurani!

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