PartnerHacker Daily #207: Stay Curious

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Lead with curiosity

For partnerships to work, you need to act with conviction. But before you get to conviction, you need to foster curiosity.

You have to be curious enough to ask: "What do my partner's customers' want?"

Put aside your preconceived notions about what you think your partners need, and instead, ask them!

Establish communication with your partners by learning to speak their language.

You might be surprised by the results.

PartnerHacker Principles

We don't like long fluffy mission statements. We do love short, punchy principles.

These are some of the foundations upon which PartnerHacker operates and that we strive every day to put out into the partner ecosystem.

In true partner fashion, most of these aren't original. These are principles found across the ecosystem.

You'll see quotes from Mario Tarabbia, Jared Fuller, Jill Rowley, Tyler Calder, and Reveal here, but countless other individuals and companies in the partner ecosystem have voiced - and more importantly, lived - these principles as well.

This post is a living, breathing thing, so we may update it from time to time with new principles.

But here they are for now:

  • Trust is the new data.
  • Partnerships isn't a department.
  • The first giver wins.
  • Show me you know me.
  • Live-In-Market is better than Go-To-Market.
  • They're not your accounts.
  • Never market alone.
  • Customers don't live in funnels.
  • Make them famous.
  • Those who play together win together.
  • Build radical generosity into your culture.
PartnerHacker Principles
Trust is the new data. We don’t need more info, ads, trackers, or automated sequences. We need ecosystems and communities built around trust. Data helped us automate and create efficiencies. Data helped us find, track, and target customers. But we’re now awash in data and customers are exhausted b…

What principles would you add?


Quote of the Day

If you don't nail your messaging, motions, and engagement models, how can you expect your partners to? – Tom Cloos at PL[X]

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