PartnerHacker Daily #209: Partnership Resilience

Partnerships are immune to loss

Partnerships are like a living, breathing ecosystem. If one part of the ecosystem fails, there are a dozen other species that fill in the gaps.

Unlike machines that break down over time, living systems grow and flourish when given the proper nutrients.

Feed the ecosystem by embedding your product into the daily workflows of your customers. Nourish your ecosystem by maintaining strong connections with your partners.

We'd like to personally invite you to our upcoming event: The European Partner Moment.

It's going down tomorrow at 10 am ET, 4 pm France/Germany, and 3 pm UK.

Join us, Superglue, and Crossbeam, to discuss partnerships in Europe. We've got sessions devoted to:

  • The State of SaaS Partnerships in Europe: Opportunities & Threats
  • Partnering in the UK, France, Germany: Local Differences & Best Practices
  • Personal Branding & Positioning for Partnership Professionals

We wanted to send you a personal invite, so check out the video below. We made it just for you.

You don't want to miss this! Register here.

screenshot of video from partnerhacker about the event The European Moment.
Click the image to play the video.

New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, and Audio Articles.

Levi Morehouse (Isaac's brother) joins the PartnerUp pod to discuss how he raised over $40M in VC and scaled to 200 employees at lightning speed.
screenshot of spotify player playing episode 12 of Howdy Partners
Aleksi Mattlar joins the Howdy Partners crew to talk about his journey from sales to partnerships. (Click the image to play on Spotify.)
Screenshot of spotify player playing article by Eric Sangerma
Eric Sangerma writes about what you need to consider before starting your career in partnerships. (Click the image to play on Spotify.)


Quote of the Day

Find out who the ideal partner you should be partnering with first, and make it a true partnership. Share the wins and the failures. –  ⭐ Star Hofer at PL[X]

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